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Journal title ISSN Actions
X-Ray Optics and Instrumentation 1687-7632 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
X-ray structure analysis online 1883-3578 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
X-tra 1937-5069 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
X.Y.ZEP 1276-4760 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XAOS 1594-669X 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xaragall (Manresa) 1131-5385 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xenobiotica 0049-8254 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xenotransplantation 0908-665X 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xianggang-Jingji-Xuehui-Huikan / Hong Kong Economic Papers   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xiaoxue yuwen 1673-7687 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xin Ya xue bao 0073-375X 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XinYa-Shuyuan-Xueshu-Niankan / Academic Annual   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XinYa-Xueshu-Jikan / New Asia Academic Bulletin   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XPress 1617-562X 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XRDS: Crossroads 1528-4972 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XRF newsletter 1608-4632 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xueji : Xianggang Zhongwen Daxue Jiaoyu Xueyuan Yuankan / Studium: The Bulletin of the School of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
Xul: Signo Viejo y Nuevo; Revista de Poesía   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
XVII-XVIII 0291-3798 期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
xyHt   期刊資訊 Sfx Metalib
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